Yu Harumi, PhD - Licensed Psychologist (License #35031)
Group Counseling

Are you interested in commiserating with others who are going through the same difficulties that you are experiencing right now? 

Do you want to feel validated by learning that others can relate to you? 

Would you like to gain multiple perspectives and tips from others on your current life circumstance? 

Would you like to feel empowered by providing support and suggestions to other group members who are going through similar life challenges you have faced and overcome? 

Are you interested in seeking therapy but cannot afford to pay the full price?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, group counseling may be for you!
At my office, I am accepting new members for the following groups: 
Support Group for New Dads

Think "postpartum depression" is just for moms? If you say yes, think again. As a new dad balancing parenting, work, and life myself, I am facilitating a support group for those who are "new dads" (i.e., dads of infants, toddlers, preschoolers). This group is for you if you want to seek support and validation from other new dads for your struggles, and receive advice and tips for how to cope with various challenges in your roles from your fellow members. The group sessions are confidential, and are much less expensive than individual counseling.

Surviving and Thriving in Corporate America: Support Group for Working Professionals

Burnt out by your work? Dissatisfied with your job? Having a hard time dealing with that "bosshole" at your work? Afraid to say "I quit"? Fearful of being told "you're fired"? Is your work stress negatively affecting you and your loved ones? If you say "yes" to any of the above questions, this support group is definitely for you! Facilitated by a licensed psychologist in a confidential manner, this group will give you an opportunity to learn effective ways of coping with your symptoms, and receive support and validation from others on the same boat. You are not alone!

Mindfulness Skills Group 

Stress and anxiety are normal aspects of life as a human being—so why try to fight them? In this group, you will learn to cope with stress and anxiety by practice of mindfulness—that is, being aware of your present experience with curiosity and compassion, rather than with criticism and resistance. You will have an opportunity to practice mindfulness through a variety of meditative activities in this group (e.g., sitting meditation, breathing meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, etc.). No prior experience in meditation is necessary. We will meet once a week for 6-8 weeks.
To reserve your spot in any of the groups above, please contact me at (214) 310-2363 and schedule a one-hour diagnostic interview to determine your fit and appropriateness of your participation in the group.  The group counseling sessions are conducted at my office in a confidential manner.  The meeting times will be determined based on the schedules of all interested individuals and the facilitator.

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