Yu Harumi, PhD - Licensed Psychologist (License #35031)
Q1.  How much do you charge for a session?  

A1.  For those of you who are paying for your sessions out of pocket (i.e., without using your health insurance), I charge $150 per session, for your initial intake interview appointment and subsequent individual counseling sessions.  For those of you who are using your health insurance to pay for my services, please see A2 for details.  

Q2.  Do you accept health insurance for payment?  

A2.  I am an in-network provider for the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (PPO Plans), and accept it as a form of payment. If you want to use your insurance, please contact the Blue Cross Blue Shield representative to ensure that your insurance plan covers mental health services.  You will be responsible for paying the copay, coinsurance, and/or annual deductibles that are set by your insurance policy.   

For those of you who have insurance carriers other than the Blue Cross Blue Shield, I am considered as an "out of network" provider.  You will be responsible for the payment of $150 per session (see A1), and I can provide you with a receipt of your payment so that you can make a request for reimbursement from your insurance company, as needed. 

Q3.  I do not have health insurance, and I have financial hardships.  Can you see me for reduced session fee?

A3.  If you have financial hardships, I have a very limited number of slots available to see you on a sliding scale.  You will be asked to provide proof of financial hardships (e.g., tax forms, paycheck stubs, etc.).  I also provide services that are more budget-friendly, such as group counseling, life skills classes, and workshops (See A4).  I can also assist you in finding practitioners in the community that provide therapy services at a lower cost.

Q4.  How "budget-friendly" are your group counseling sessions, life skills classes, and workshops?  

A4.  For group counseling sessions, each participant will be charged $30 per session, which lasts for 60-90 minutes per appointment. For life skills classes, each student will be charged for $120-$180, which will cover the total cost for all 4-6 class meetings.  Upon request, I occasionally provide workshops on mental health-related topics in a variety of settings / organizations.  These workshops may be open and free for you to attend.  

Q5.  Do you provide couples / marital therapy?  How much does the session cost?

A5.  Yes.  I do provide couple / marital counseling sessions.  I charge $180 per session for the initial intake appointment (55 to 60 minutes) and each session that follows the intake appointment (55 to 60 minutes) for those seeking couples therapy. Please check with your insurance company to see if your health insurance plan covers couples therapy.  

Q6.  How long is each appointment?  

A6.  Each appointment (both initial intake interview and counseling sessions) lasts for about 55-60 minutes.  

Q7.  What happens at my first appointment?  

A7.  At your initial visit, which is also called initial evaluation / intake interview appointment, I will be conducting a semi-structured interview with you to collect information in areas such as: your reasons for seeking counseling, current symptoms and stressors you are experiencing in your life, your current / past coping strategies, medical history, mental health history, family history, alcohol / drug use history, social history, academic / occupational history, trauma history, your goals / expectations from counseling, and any other aspects of your life that are helpful for us to keep in mind in formulating accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.  You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions or address any concerns about the office policies and procedures and/or counseling process in general.  

Q8.  What are your specialties?  

A8.  Please see "Individual Counseling" page for details. 

Q9.  Do you prescribe medications?  

A9.  As a licensed psychologist, I do not prescribe medications.  If you are interested in taking medications for your mental health concerns, I will be happy to assist you in finding a psychiatrist who can prescribe medications for you.  
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